We regret that due to technical issues with our ticketing equipment we will be unable to accept Cheshire Travelcard to buy tickets from 1 September 2017. We will not be selling any further top-ups on these cards from 1 July 2017.


We are hoping to re-introduce the scheme later this year once these issues are resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.




What is Travelcard?


Travelcard is the easy way to pay for your bus journey. Simply top up your card on the bus and use it to buy your ticket - you get a 15% discount on most* D&G Bus tickets on services in Cheshire** when you pay by Travelcard.


How does it work?


When you top up your card, that amount of money is then available as a credit to buy bus tickets. Simply place your card on the reader (which is on top of the ticket machine) and tell the driver where you want to go. A special computer chip in your card will register with the ticket machine and will give you a discount on your ticket if it is available*. You will be given a normal ticket for your journey, but it will also show your remaining balance on it so you know when you next need to top up.


Your can use a Travelcard to pay for your bus travel on all services in Cheshire, except for services 5, 6, 42, 77, 94 and 99. You can still pay the cash fare on any other service, and multi-use tickets purchased using a Travelcard can be used on all valid routes across the D&G Bus network.


How do I get a Travelcard?





* Discounts are not available on Stoke SMART tickets, Your Staffordshire tickets, Keele Key tickets, Derbyshire b_line tickets or pre-9.30am concessionary tickets. Discounts

   are also not available on services 56, 68, 75, 79, 83, 88 or 89 but Travelcard can still be used as a method of payment for full price tickets.

** Cheshire Travelcard is valid on all services in Cheshire excluding services 5, 6, 42, 77, 94 and 99.